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Multi-Hands Sessions are Returning!!!

Meghan McGrath & Erin Wooldridge CST-T


  • Are you looking for a way to amp up your healing process?

  • Do you have blocks in your process that you are ready to work through?

  • Are you interested in an intense healing opportunity in a safe space?

If so, a Multi-Hands CST session may be the opportunity you are looking for. I'm excited to announce that my colleague Erin Wooldridge, CST-T will be joining me in my office on Saturday, September 21 for Multi-Hands CST sessions. If you aren't familiar with this option, this is a session with 2 CranioSacral therapists working with you at the same time. These can be profoundly useful sessions. They are great options for when you feel like you hit a plateau in your healing and want to amp up your healing process. Dr. Upledger always said that adding another therapist to your session is not an additive experience, it is exponential in the possibilities. Learn more about Erin here.

Upcoming Sessions:

When: Saturday, September 21

Where: Unwinding Journey - 2210 Fourth St, Livermore, CA inside the Three Palms Salon and Day Spa

Cost: $260 for a 50 minute session, or $390 for an 80 minute session

Image by Brett Jordan

CST2 Full-Day Study Group

Presented by Meghan McGrath & DeAnna Castleberry

In Person CST2 Part 2 - Whole Body Evaluation

  • Are you fully using your whole body evaluation tools (CSR, Arcing for Energy Cysts, Facilitated Segments, Fascial Glide, regional/positional tissue release, etc.)?

  • Are you preparing for CST certification and wish you could ask questions and get clarifications?

  • Are you planning to attend SER1 and want to make sure you are ready?

If so, please plan to join Meghan and DeAnna at the upcoming CS2 Part 2 - Whole Body Evaluation review where we will spend the day reviewing how to find and treat energy cysts, regional/positional tissue release, facilitated segments of the spinal dural tube, Fascial Glide for evaluation and treatment, and using the CSR on the full body. With the entire study group day focused on this portion, we hope to bring clarity and confidence to your hands as well as your understanding.

  • Date: Sunday, September 15, 2024 @ 9:30-5:00 (Sign-in starts at 9am)

  • Location: Fair Oaks Massage Institute,

                           10723 Fair Oaks Blvd,

                           Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Early Bird Registration (By August 17):  $150 ($75 deposit with balance due at Sign-in)*

Registration (After August 17):  $185 ($95 deposit with balance due at Sign-in)*

Prerequisite:  Upledger CST2

*Cancellation Policy: Due to the special nature of this class, we request at least 7 days' notice for cancellations. Cancellations more than 7 days in advance will receive a refund of the deposit (minus the credit card processing fee). Cancellations less than 7 days' notice will lose the deposit (half the price of the class). Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance, as well and no-shows, will result in a full charge. We work to ensure space and supplies for all attendee as well as the appropriate numbers of participants for trades so that everyone has adequate practice time. Late cancellations will make this challenging and can impact the smooth running of the class for everyone. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about this policy.

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CST & SER Study Group - Video Recordings

  • Do you need a way to review CST techniques?

  • Do you want to deepen your SER skills?

  • Do you want to do it in your own time frame?

If so, please check out the video recordings of previous study groups.  The cost is $25 each. Buy 4, get 1 free. Get the whole collection to date for $375

E-mail me for details on how to receive video recordings of these past study groups.

Questions? Contact Meghan at or 916-698-3091

Topics available:

  • 10-step Protocol Review (CS1)

  • Working with the Intercranial Membrane System (CS1)

  • Working with the Dural Tube (CS1 & 2)

  • Sphenoid Review (CS1 & 2)

  • Fascia, Diaphragms, & Palpation (CS1 & 2)

  • Hard Palate Mouthwork Review (CS2)

  • Whole Body Evaluation Review (CS2)

  • Prepping for CST Techniques Certification and Q&A (CS1 & 2)

  • Cert Q&A, Still Point vs Significance Detector, and business container Qs - March 2021 (CS1 & 2)

  • Cert Prep, Vault Holds & Adaptations for small hands, Body Mechanics, Arcing, Facilitated Segments, SQAR Review - April 2021 (CS1 & 2)

  • Still Point vs SD, Branching out from 10-step, Dural Tube Rock & Glide, Hand Positions for Ave of Expression (SER1), OCB Review, Cert Prep - June 2021 (CS1 & 2)

  • Therapeutic Presence & Core Intents - Temporal & CV Holds - July 2021 (CS1 & 2)

  • Review of Concepts Supporting Imagery & Dialogue - Aug 2021 (SER1)

  • Triad of Compression/Depression - Sept 2021 (CS1)

  • Frontal Bone, CSF Production/Ventricles, Vertical Stain, Charting, & more - Oct 2021 (CS1 & 2)

  • The Parietals, Pressurestat Model, and more - Nov 2021 (CS1)

  • The Temporal Bones, Tentorium, and more - Dec 2021 (CS1)

  • Facilitated Segments, CV Holds, Knowing when you are done, Energy, & Neutrality - Feb 2022 (CS1 & CS2)

  • Dural Tube restrictions, Fascilitated Segment Clarification, Charting, Viscous Compliance, & Palpation - March 2022 (CS1 & CS2)

  • Sphenoid - Axis of Rotation, Relationship of Sphenoid & Zygomas, Where do still points fit in the whole body eval, Still Points & CSR - April 2022 (CS2)

  • Hyoid, TMJ, and Facial Glide - June 2022 (CS1 & CS2)

  • Facetime - Supporting and working with issues of the face (CS1, CS2, SER1)


Free Grounding Exploration Audio

  • Are you looking for extra support in becoming calm and more centered?

  • Have you felt a bit frazzled and desire a sense of being more settled inside?​

  • Are you curious about navigating your inner self?

  • Would you like to explore what messages some of your body wisdom areas may have for you?

If so, this audio exploration may be just right for you. This was recorded in a live online group in June. Feel free to use and share it if it's helpful for you.

Ground & Fill ExplorationMeghan McGrath
00:00 / 36:52
YL Essential Oils Recordings

  • Are you curious about essential oils? 

  • Are you interested in finding alternatives to the common cleaning and personal care products you probably already use today? 

  • Are you looking for different ways to support a healthy lifestyle naturally?  

Join Meghan in these informal online classes to learn the basics from the convenience of your own home or office. Feel free to invite guests and share the videos if you know of other people interested in essential oils & living a healthier lifestyle.

FREE - Recorded Online Young Living classes available in a variety of topics

  • Safety and Usage of Essential Oils

  • CBD and the Young Living Difference

  • Stress Management with Young Living

  • Getting Mouthy! Oral Health with Young Living

  • I Feel Pretty! Clean Makeup and Beauty with Young Living

  • Basics of Muscle Testing

  • Immune Boost - How to Support a Healthy Immune System

  • ...And many more...

These classes available for online streaming free on YouTube here. 

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