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Everybody's unwinding journey is unique. I wanted to share some feedback from people who have started their journey and already seeing the benefits.

"I originally scheduled an appointment with Meghan to help with some ear problems that I was having as a result of scuba diving too much. I thought maybe some light lymphatic massage could help get things moving, but I had no idea that the power of her healing touch would transform me that day. Around 5 years before my appointment I nearly died while rock climbing and had complete amnesia of the day as a result of a traumatic brain injury. While Meghan worked on my neck for my ears, she started to notice something being held in my body and began to ask me to describe textures and colors associated with the feelings in my shoulders. She was lightly moving my arm and feeling my shoulders as I began to have vivid and specific visions of colors and textures. Then all at once I had a complete memory of the moment before my fall as my left arm slipped from the rock and I plummeted to the ground. There was an enormous release of tension in my body and I began uncontrollably crying as I realized I had been unknowingly blaming my left arm for slipping. I think many people have gotten massages or body work done but not many people have had the privilege of working with a healer. Meghan is very much a healer and has a capacity far beyond a knowledge of the body. I was not seeking out or knew I needed any trauma recovery, but it speaks to Meghan's intuitive touch that she was able to feel and heal what I didn't know I needed. I think if you visit Meghan with the expectation that she will heal you in a session, you may be disappointed as the body is far more complex and nuanced. However I think scheduling a session and being open to the transformative touch of Meghan and entering with an open mind is the beginning to a path of healing. I have since done much work to understand, forgive, and heal the trauma in my body, but I can definitively say that a casual afternoon session with Meghan was the catalyst for lifelong change." - D.O.


" I have had the privilege of receiving Meghan's healing and wellness services on numerous occasions.  She has developed a thorough and encompassing method that is tailored to what your soul, mind, and body needs so as to provide the maximum benefit and results.  Initially, any foyer into mind and energy work seemed too "unconventional" or too "out there" for me as I had been raised in a very traditional, by-the-book household.  Thankfully, I opened my mind enough to allow Meghan to begin working with me by utilizing Cranial Sacral Therapy, the Emotion Code, and Massage Therapy.  I can now confidently say that I am a believer and that I have seen, and continue to see, the benefits of tuning in to the mind and body, and to identify what it truly needs.  I now have much greater clarity of mind.  I am now more attentive to changes in my body, and don't shirk them off as atypical aches or pains.  I am continually growing, and, with Meghan's help, I am committed to learning more and going deeper into what makes  Whether you have a few tight muscles, or your mind is tied up in knots, let Meghan help you translate what your body is trying to say.  I did...and am living proof that it works!" – JN – Finance Operations & Musician


" My son was the first person to introduce me the Emotion Code.  He read a book and then found a practitioner, Meghan McGrath to perform the Emotion Code on him over the phone.  I could tell by his excited enthusiasm he felt like it had helped him.  I ordered the book and read it and found it interesting. I tend to be a bit skeptical about things but still curious.  I thought I would try it also and contacted Ms. McGrath.  She arranged a time when we could both devote time to do the session over the phone.  I was trying my best to stay open minded about the whole thing.  I have to admit when the session was over and she later contacted me with the results, I was surprised. I did feel some release of pent up emotion and I felt really tired. I can’t exactly pinpoint anything specific but a general sense of wellness.  It was like something deep within myself had lightened a load. In the days to come I felt better about life in general.


Months past and I had my best pack llama sustain a heat stroke.  He was in pain. The Vet had been out and tried various treatments to no avail.  He could no longer stand and it was excruciating watching him suffer.  I happened to remember that Meghan had mentioned that she had performed sessions for animals. Being night and not wanting to call the Vet out again, I phoned Meghan and she agreed to do a session over the phone on my Llama’s behalf while his head was lying in my lap.  When we started he was groaning with rapid grunty respirations, running a high fever, and moaning, his belly distended. When you love your pets as much as I love mine you will try anything to help them be more comfortable.


I was in awe that through the course of the session his breathing slowed and became less labored.  The grunting stopped, he relaxed and fell asleep.  After a time when he relaxed his body functions worked, bowels and bladder finally did what they were supposed to, and the distention went away. His fever came down 1½ degrees. I have to say it surprised me.  He was not miraculously cured he never recovered and eventually a couple of days later he did die. But his suffering was much less.  The next morning after the session he ate and drank and bodily functions worked well. He was never able to stand again and due to lack of movement had atrophy of his muscles. But the fact he was not moaning with pain and anxiety and had some peace, I feel he had dignity in his death.  I am very glad Meghan was kind enough to perform this emergency session for him and me.  I would definitely recommend the Emotion Code therapy and Ms. McGrath a competent and sincere practitioner." – AN - RN & Caregiver

" I had a massage from Meghan, and it was AWESOME!  She does a great job and I can't wait to go back for another.  I felt very comfortable and relaxed afterward.  She definitely knows what she is doing and I could tell that she really cares about helping people.  This isn't just a job for her." – EN – Hypnotherapist & Mother

" I would like to let people know how well the Emotion Code has worked for me.  Whenever I get a pain (stomach, knee, hip etc.) I call Meghan to do an Emotion Code session on me (via phone since I live in New Mexico) and sure enough after the session my pain mysteriously disappears. I love it, works great for me. Hope it works as good for you as it does for me. Thank you Meghan!" 

– MM - Licensed Massage Therapist & Grandmother


" I like it because it relaxes me and makes me sleepy. And I like it because I get to rest and have good dreams. My favorite part is getting my calves massaged." – KM age 3

" It feels good all the time and I fall asleep really fast every time. My favorite part is getting my ears rubbed because it feels like I am getting massaged all over my entire body." – JM age 7

" We've had our cat Vincent for about 14 years now. About 2 years ago, Vincent started acting very strange: not wanting to leave my bed, hissing every time I tried to get him to move & insisting on staying curled up in a ball. Since he refused to leave the bed, he only ate and drank water when we fed him by hand. The only time he would go to the bathroom was when we would turn the light on where we had the litter and we physically had to carry him. He refused to move on his own.  He was a normal cat one moment, we went to the movies and when we came back he was completely different. It was very bizarre behavior to occur within a 2 hour time frame. We took him to the vet 3 times & spent around 900 dollars total and were basically at square one not knowing why he was acting strange because he would start acting like a normal cat as soon as we got to the vet. It was very frustrating and stressful.


We had an Emotion Code session with Meghan and followed her instructions. Quite literally overnight, his behavior changed. After the second day, he was back to normal. Meghan did amazing work and I have gone back to her for other therapies." – AB – Business Analyst

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