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Meghan McGratch Therapeutic Massage
Events & Groups


Hosting an event? Having a gathering of friends, family, or co-workers? Want to surprise your loved ones with a family treatment day? Know a few people who would be interested in receiving a bodywork session in your area? Include my bodywork services in your plans and I will travel to you.


I will provide all bodywork related equipment, supplies, insurance, and licensing to practice in your area. If you provide the space with 4 or more clients for hour long+ sessions (8 or more clients for 25 minute mini-sessions) I will waive the outcall fee and as a thank you for hosting and bringing in clients, you will receive a discount on your individual session. All other sessions at predetermined rate, please see fee schedule below for your guests.

If you have more than 5 clients for full bodywork sessions and can provide space for 2 therapists, I will ensure we have enough therapists to accommodate all pre-arranged/confirmed bodywork sessions for the day of your event.


Full bodywork session available:

Serving Livermore, the Greater Tri-Valley areas, and beyond

  • 25 min mini-bodywork sessions = $70.00 each

  • 50 min bodywork session = $135.00 each

  • 80 min bodywork session = $200.00 each

  • Newborn – 14 years 25 min bodywork session = $60.00 each

  • Newborn – 14 years 50 min bodywork session = $105.00 each

  • 50 min Raindrop Technique session = $135.00 each

  • 80 min Raindrop Technique session w/massage = $200.00 each

  • Include your pets in the group = $135.00/animal

Chair/Seated Massage options available:

5, 7, 10, 15, or 30 minutes chair massages depending on your needs. My rate is $135.00/hour of chair massages with a 2 hour minimum. I can facilitate additional therapists in order to accommodate larger groups.

Meghan McGrath

Discounted pricing for host(ess) session with multiple full paying bodywork clients:

  • You + 3 clients, save $20.00

  • You + 4 clients, save $40.00

  • Additional savings of $20 each additional hour-long session applied to host(ess) session.

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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